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How Success Happens

Apr 18, 2018

Serial founders get good at knowing how to mobilize, when a big change is coming and how to push through. And if they’re lucky, they also know themselves a lot better.

That’s certainly the case with Adam Braun. With his first venture, Pencils of Promise, Braun, who was in his 20s at the time it started, was able to completely focus of his nonprofit’s mission: to build schools and create educational programs for those living in developing countries. He built 450 schools across the globe. He also suffered from major burnout -- a state he’d rather not reach again.

Today, Braun is a more experienced founder with a new project: MissionU, a college alternative with no upfront tuition. To learn more about how Braun prevents burnout, the principles behind MissionU and his take on being an entrepreneur, listen to the latest edition of How Success Happens.